New plant completed into the new mileage

March 12, 2013, Dongguan Dalang Yang Wu management area flowers, drums loud noise, filled with festive atmosphere everywhere, Dongguan Jinqi Hardware Machinery 13 anniversary and the completion of the ceremony was held here, from all over the country 500 More guests gathered together, a total celebration celebration. The most popular gold spider media as a guest media guests attended the celebration, witnessed the development of Jin Qi this important moment.
Dongguan Jinqi Hardware Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. ( General Manager Su Wenzhang to the Golden Spider reporter, with the development and expansion of Jin Qi, the original plant has been unable to meet the demand for production capacity. The new plant covers an area of ​​11120 square meters, completed in October 2012, the main production of various screw production equipment, production capacity is expected to increase this year more than 20%.
Golden spider media to send flowers to congratulate

13 years stick to, Accumulate

March 2000, carries the dream of Taiwanese Su article created Dongguan Jinqi Hardware Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 13 years of adherence, Mr. Su Wenzhang and Ms. Chen Huimei led Jin Qi people good governance, overcoming all obstacles, help each other, the achievements of today's gold Qi's brilliant.

Jin Qi, general manager of Mr. Su Wenzhang

"I was doing the technical background, Jin Qi development so far, and no secret, we just downstairs to do business, integrity of life, make a lot of always support our customers. This celebration I first came to the mainland in 1996 I know Two old customers are invited, Jin Qi has today's achievements can not be separated from the support of the old customers. "Su total feeling said.

Su fast in the interview, said: "Fasteners are the most widely used, the use of the largest number of mechanical parts, the national economy all walks of life need it, so I think this year the industry situation will be more smooth, we Jin Qi will continue Do a good job, to develop some high - capacity, high - precision, high stability of the Jin Qi machinery.

After 13 years of development, Dongguan Jinqi Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. with its excellent professional manufacturing technology, strict quality control, design and manufacture of a variety of screw factory equipment, but also with the industry elite experience, the use of advanced testing facilities, science Strict production management, QC management system, to produce high capacity, high precision, high stability of the Jin Qi machinery, praised by users at home and abroad.

13 dream, wonderful bloom

Toast with congratulation

18:30, Dongguan Jinqi Hardware Machinery Co., Ltd. 13 anniversary and Qiao moved into the ceremony officially began. Su always said in the celebration: Jin Qi from the way all the way since 2000 has been 13 years, from hardship to glory, from production to management, continue to grow and develop, to thank Jin Qi has been to support customers, thanks to a large number of Do not abandon, loyal employees. Jin Qi is expected to 13 years as a new starting point, to create a new situation.

Subsequently, the brilliant song and dance performances officially kicked off. The whole dinner dances and dances, vibrant, ups and downs of the martial arts performance is the atmosphere to the climax, exposure to which can be described as blood boiling, completely shining Jin Qi development of thirteen years of charm. 13 anniversary celebration, is a review, the future Jin Qi will be steady forward, head forward, and then climb the peak.